Scent-of-Fame Afghan Hounds

CH Wind against Scent of Fame
Born: 17.02.2001


Breeder: Margit Moser, Wind against Kennel/France


Trevin came to us with 3 month.
I saw Trevin on a picture with 8 weeks and it was love at first sight.
He is so special and wonderful for me 
and he is the boss in our pack.
 We call him also "policeofficer", because he reports us,
 if one of our girls wants to steel something ;-)
Trevin became German Champion last year
 in September 2004 and we are very proud ,-)

Trevin, 6 years!


Trevin after the CAC-Show in Mertingen
September 2004

... here he gained the titel
German Champion! 

Trevin is a great mover, he has a wide open sidegait
  and a springy movement.
  See him in motion on some VIDEOS!

Trevin as a proud and beautiful youngster.
  Pictured in St. Die in the Wind against Kennel,
  12 month old.

His successes:

Herr Roberto Posa/CH, 18.8.01, Freiburg, JüK

vv, Jüngsten BOB, 3.BIS
Frau Ute Lennartz, 25.08.01, Schwarzenfeld, JüK

vv, Jüngsten BOB
Mrs. Hazel Arris, 20.10.01, Dortmund, JüK

V1, Jugend BOB unter Frau Tromp-Pruijn (NL)
CAC Ausstellung in Nürnberg

V1, Jugendbester, Jugend BOB unter Herrn Alcrudo (E)
CAC Ausstellung in Ingolstadt

V1,  Jugend BOB unter Frau Schwerm-Hahne (D)
CACIB Frankfurt

 V1,  CAC unter Herrn Baumann /D

CAC Ausstellung Ingolstadt

CACIB Oberwart/A am 12.07.2003
 V1, CACA, CACIB, BR, BOB unter Herrn Dr. D. Tesic

CAC Ausstellung Kleindöttingen/CH am 16.08.2003
 V2, Res. CAC unter Frau Ruth Popp/D
Trevin got the CAC

CAC Ausstellung Bad Homburg/D am 30.08.2003
 V1, Res. CAC unter Frau Linda Race/GB

CACIB Bundessieger Tulln/A am 08.11.2003
 V2, Res. CAC unter Frau Janina Stanzewska-Borkowska/PL

CAC Ausstellung Mertingen/D am 10.04.2004
 V1, CAC unter Herrn Vojtek/Slowakei

CAC Ausstellung Wiesenburg/D am 30.07.2004
 V1, CAC unter Frau Popp/D

CAC LS Ausstellung Mertingen/D am 18.09.2004
 V2, RCAC unter Herrn Anschober/A
Trevin got CAC
and gained his German Championtitel




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