Scent-of-Fame Afghan Hounds

Chanthani Shams-an-Nahar
Born: 01.06.1997 - +29.03.2009


Within two days we lost two of our most wonderful Afghan Hounds
Chanthani Shams-an-Nahar and Ghorayah Shams-an-Nahar.

They were our first afghans and they learned us so much
about the unique and independent character of this beautiful breed.

They always were an enrichment to our lives and
we enjoyed their being with us at every single moment of our life.

 We are so deeply sad that we had them to let go
but we know they always had a good live with us and they enjoyed their lives with us, too.

 Both were so uncomplicated and so lovely.
We owe them the beginning of our love for this wonderful breed.


, suddenly within one day we had to say Good Bye!
We still can't believe, that you are not longer with us!
For almost 12 years it was a pleasure to be with you.
We have so many wonderful memories…

Oh Chanthani, it hurts so much!!!

Rest in peace and be free over the rainbow…



, everyone who knew you or saw you running on our last video
knows what a grand dame you were.
And that till your last moment!
Your great character, your elan and your "own head" made you so unique.
We are so glad that we had you such a long time
with a fulfilled afghan life of 14 and a half years.

You traveled with us through whole Europe, you loved coursings
and you where THE respected lady of our pack.
Your gracious and funny habits where so special that makes you unforgettable.

Dear Ghorayah, they will welcome you in heaven
and you will find new friends to run over the fields…


Thank you Chanthani and Ghorayah for all the joy you gave us!
You will live on for ever in our hearts and we will never forget YOU! 

So, good bye our beloved friends, play and run together in heaven

 Mom and Dad and your gang



11 1/2 years


Breeder: Antonia Dirnberger, Shams-an-Nahar Kennel/Germany


Chanthani is our second Afghanhound and a halfsister to Ghorayah. Her father is worldchampion Serra Parecis Fair Player, mother is CH Jinbahl Sadi Shams-an-Nahar.




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